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Ifikl написал 3 минуты назад к игре Агрикола. Новое издание: # Старая игра, в Инише вон догадались)
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Карточные «Подземелья и драконы»
Catalyst Game Labs выпустит игру по D&D на движке от Shadowrun: Crossfire.
Голосуем кошельком: «Комната 25»
«Лавка игр» запустила собственную краудфандинговую площадку.
Алхимик из Гластонбери возвращается
Cosmodrome Games выпустит Glastonbury в новом оформлении.
Дуэльная «Каверна» выйдет и в России
Crowd Games возьмётся за локализацию игры Уве Розенберга Caverna: Cave vs Cave.
Grand Prix des Z’Illus 2017: лауреат
Лауреатом премии Grand Prix des Z’Illus 2017 стал Жереми Флери.

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From Publishers website:

Who is Edge Entertainment?

Edge Entertainment is a publisher dedicated to the games world that was founded in 1999.

Edge Entertainment started an intense activity at this time, which first bore fruit with the publication of Heavy Gear, an innovative science-fiction role-playing game which is accompanied by its own miniatures game. Many other role-playing games followed quickly.

Years after that, Edge Entertainment's catalog was notably expanded with the offer of Citadels, a game that introduced the format of non-collectable card games to the specialized market in Spain and has turned into not only a best-seller but a true classic.

Soon after that Edge Entertainment released its first board game Through the Desert, followed shortly thereafter by many others. Edge now offers an abundant and diverse range of board games, from the entertaining Zombies!!!, perfect for traveling, to modern classics like Ticket to Ride, with almost a million copies sold worldwide; from winners of the most prestigious award and critical acclaim like Caylus, to true gaming blockbusters like Tide of Iron or StarCraft: The Board Game, based on the classic videogame, which can fill a large table and a long afternoon with strategy and emotion.

Parallel with the growth of its catalog came in-house games, leading to the publication of the role-playing game, card game, and miniatures game of Anima: Beyond Fantasy and its release in French, Italian, German, and English, with distribution in more than 30 countries.

Today, Edge Entertainment offers an extensive and diverse Catalog of games, each with its own web site where you can learn more about it, as well as its own in-house design studio, Edge Studio, focused on graphic and web design, publishing, translations, and illustrations for other publishers.

And this is just the beginning...

The Edge Entertainment Team
Brainwashing You Since 1999


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