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Huns, Huns, 2018 

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  • 30 - 45 мин


дизайнер: Fneup
художник: Anthony Wolff
издатель: La Boite de jeu
язык: Английский



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Зима 453: Гунны господствуют над половиной известного мира. Великий хан, царь гуннов, умирает, и многие мечтают занять его место. Хан должен назначить своего преемника. Он выберет самых смелых и самых славных из своих генералов, и вы намереваетесь стать им! Но вы не единственный соперник, и вам придется доказать свою ценность. Каждый ход в Гуннах вы должны выбирать между рейдами за ресурсы или драфтом карты, которая предоставит вам особые способности. Более подробно: игра включает в себя пять колод карт разных цветов, в которых есть оборудование, рейды, наемники, проклятия и сокровища, а также кубы товаров в тех же пяти цветах. Каждый игрок начинает игру с двумя вагонами, для которых требуются специальные цветные товары.


Winter 453: The Huns reign supreme over half of the known world. The great Khan, king of the Huns, is suffering, and there are many who dream of taking his place. The Khan must appoint his successor. He will choose the bravest and most glorious of his generals, and you intend for that to be you! But you are not the only contender, and you will have to prove your worth.

Each turn in Huns you must choose between raiding for resources or picking a card that will grant you a special ability. In more detail, the game includes five decks of cards in five colors that feature equipment, raids, mercenaries, curses, and treasure, as well as goods cubes in the same five colors. Each player starts the game with two wagons that require specific colored goods to fill them.

At the start of a round, the active player rolls five d3 dice in the five colors, then chooses one of the dice and takes either cubes or cards in this color. If you take cards, they draw 1-3 cards (based on the die roll), keep one of them, then place the others face down under this deck. Equipment gives you an in-game bonus, raids have a one-time effect, treasure earns you points at game's end if you meet the condition listed, mercenaries give you a reusable effect once you give them goods, and curses are played on opponents, who must apply goods to them to dispel their effect. If you take cubes, you can place them on a single mercenary card, a single curse card, or any number of your wagons in the appropriate spaces. If you fill a wagon, you draw a new one from those on display. Each player takes one die in turn, choosing cards or goods, until all the dice have been chosen. The first player marker then moves clockwise, and the new active player rolls all five dice again.

When one of the cube colors or one of the decks is empty at the end of a round, the game ends. Players score points for raids undertaken, treasure achieved, mercenaries paid off, and wagons delivered, and whoever has the most points wins! Card combos, drafting strategies, and resource management is what Huns is about, set in the universe of the mighty warriors of Huns


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