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Just a pencil, a few sheets of paper, 2 d10's, a d6 and the manual are all you need to take a character on Dungeon Delving Adventure. Create a Characters and you are ready to start a new journey.

The game uses a series of tables and harks back to a cross over of a RPG and a choose your own adventure book. With quests and character development. You can pick this up and play as and when you have the free time.

Each quest is a trip to the dungeon, where you will have a specific goal. Whether you win or fail the quest your character is constantly developing and looting better equipment and more gold. AS you progress through the dungeon you map your progress and make notes so you can easily return back to a quest you have started next time you have some free time. This an ideal lunch break, train journey, flight filler that can help with any gamers withdraw

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свернуть все темы
tonn12 написал 3 месяца назад: # скрыть ответы
Не могу найти раздел

Написано: Once a monster has been defeated the player checks the section marked [K] for Killed and rolls on the table for the reward
Перевод: После того как монстр был побежден, игрок проверяет раздел отмеченный [K] для Убитого и пробрасывает по таблице для вознаграждения

Я не могу найти радел marked [K] или он печатался?

akafess написал 3 месяца назад: #

После убийства монстра клетка на карте помечается буквой К (killed). Лут смотрится в описании монстра в таблице Е

akafess написал 3 месяца назад: #

Поправлю сам себя. Тут имеется в виду Столбец "К" таблицы "Е". В этом столбце указан лут.

akafess написал 4 месяца назад: #
Новая версия

Вышла новая версия (v.3.0). Доступна для покупки тут https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/244214/D100-Dungeon

akafess написал 4 месяца назад: #
Правила игры

Добавил обновленную версию правил (v2.2). Автор обещает скоро выпустить версию 3.0.

akafess написал полгода назад: # скрыть ответы
Опечатки в файле

1. На стр.46 опечатка в нумерации в Таблице HIT LOCATION. Нумерация должна быть в обратном порядке.
2. На стр.48 неверно указан эффект абилки MIGHTY BLOW. Должна быть цифра "6" вместо "10".
3. Покупку на рынке между квестами можно осуществлять по таблицам A, TA, TB, TC и W.
4. Остальные опечатки - в Эррате (FAQ).

akafess написал 5 месяцев назад: #

И лечение в городе стоит 20 gp, а не 40.

akafess написал полгода назад: #
Как работают DEF, DEF bonus и повреждение брони

Anything that has a + to Defense is a Defense Bonus, while Armour has a DEF rating that will block damage to the location its equipped to. For instance Armour of better quality will be easier to move in and help to dodge some of an attack, magic rings or talismans may make your hero lighter on their feet etc.

Say you find a Superior (+0.4 Def) Leather Cap, some Greater (+0.6 Def) Mail Handwraps and a Ring of the Crab (+1 Def).

They look like this

Superior Leather Cap_________0/+0.6______...
Greater Mail Handwraps_______2/+0.4______..
Ring of the Crab_______________+1________

Your Defense Bonus is 2 (0.6 and 0.4 and 1 = 2) just before an encounter you rolled on Table B and added +1 Def to the time track your Defense Bonus is now increased to 3.

So a Monster with a DMG Bonus of +1 Strikes your Hero in the Head (+3) and rolls its damage dice scoring a natural (unmodified) result of 2.

The monster scores 6 damage in total, The dice roll (2) the head strike (+3) and its Damage modifier (+1) (2+3+1=6).

Because the monster has rolled a 2 on its damage dice which is equal to or less than your defense bonus of 3, you can remove your defense bonus of 3 from its damage of 6. Its damage to you is now currently at 3 (6-3=3)

Sadly the Superior Leather Cap has a DEF 0, so no additional damage can be deducted for the amours DEF rating.

You decide to offset 2 points of damage to the cap and shade in 2 pips on its repair track, if the cap suffers 1 more point of damage it will be beyond repair and will be removed from the character sheet, after suffering this blow it is ripped to shreds and only your ears are stopping it from sinking over your eyes. Anyway, so you deduct 2 damage from the monsters current damage total of 3, leaving just 1 point of damage and so you take 1 HP of damage.

I hope this helps explain how the Def bonus works.

The golden rule is anything that is +DEF is a Defense bonus and anything that is just DEF is a Defense rating.