Ascension: Valley of the Ancients

Вознесение: Долина Древних, 2017 

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Ascension: Valley of the Ancients  





-183 Cards
-Game Board
-50 Deluxe Honor Tokens

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Описание игры


Unlock the Power of the Ancients!


Ascension is a deck-building game in which players spend Runes to acquire more powerful cards for their deck. It offers a dynamic play experience where players have to react and adjust their strategy accordingly. Each player starts with a small deck of cards, and uses those cards to acquire more and better cards for their deck, with the goal of earning the most Honor Points by gaining cards and defeating monsters.


In Ascension: Valley of the Ancients, players compete with one another to maintain control over powerful temple cards. Players can control three different temples: the Temple of Life, the Temple of Death, and the ultimate Temple of Immortality. Players race to collect keystones, which aid them in their quest to acquire temples or steal them from their opponents!


Race to unlock and control mysterious temples left behind by an ancient civilization, built to harness the powers of creation. Beware of the surrounding jungle and its monstrous inhabitants, mutated for centuries by the temples’ unchecked power.


Use Keystones to fight for control of powerful Temples and unlock their power!

New Keywords Serenity and Echo allow players to harness the power of their discard piles. It’s playable as a stand-alone 1-4 player game, or combine with other Ascension games to play up to 6 players!

New card type, Temples, can be acquired or stolen from your opponent

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