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1 game rules 12 pages
1 game board 35 x 21
2 command center boards
2 headquarters
7 action cubes (1 white, 3 red, 3 green)
5 disc (blue)
6 military charts (double sided)
96 military units
64 infantry & 32 Armor units
British (tan) & Italians (brown)

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Описание игры


Engage you are the commander of all ground forces (Infantry and Armor units) on one of the many battle fields of WWII; North Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Russia or one of the many islands in the Pacific. With its simple gaming mechanic to move and fire your military units everyone can play. It has a unique combat system that puts you in complete control of your game and just enough complexity for the hard-core war gamer. Each player will secretly acquire and deploy their military units and manage their skill level. Players’ will move and fire their military units, simulating simultaneous engagement. Victory is achieved by capturing and holding the fortified bunkers in the middle of the open battlefield. You will need to outwit your opponent and stop their advancement. All command decisions are made by ‘you’ in determining your outcome; luck is not a factor! There is no luck of the dice or the need to draw the correct cards to achieve victory. If you lose, then it was your decisions and your strategy that failed! No game will ever play the same as your decisions will alter the direction of each game.

Engage has a large playing board 35"x21" and includes 96 detailed British & Italian military units (64 infantry units and 32 armor units)

Engage is designed for 2 players and can expand to 3 or 4 players (team play).

Engage has 4 expansion modules to expand your play options. American units, German units, Japanese units & Russian units for a total of 192 additions pieces.


PS Игру я только получил. Как освоюсь, заменю описание на русское.

Ser Vershitel

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