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Race! Formula 90


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Race! Formula 90  


издатель: Gotha Games
магазин: Brain Train
язык: Английский



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King_Elvis написал полгода назад: #

Стали известны некоторые подробности грядущего второго издания:

How the 2nd edition will differ from the original game?

The main criticism with the first edition of RF90 was the badly written rulebook and following the release of the game I did issue a comprehensive FAQ, several play aids and finally I published a completely rewritten RF90 3.0L Engines Rulebook.
I believe it was a mistake to start the rulebook with the Basic game and build on it to present the Advanced game. The game we played and developed was the Advanced one - the Basic game was just an attempt to offer a softer introduction to new players.
The new rulebook describes the game as it should be played i.e. in advanced mode. There is only one set of rules now, where everything is explained in sequential mode. Many chapters like the order sections are activated, the behaviour of robots, the handling of off-track trajectories have been expanded and improved. Strategies and Skills are summarised at the end of the rulebook, so they do not interfere with the flow of the main rules.
The new Rulebook will contain everything you need to play the game, explained in the best possible manner.
In addition to this, we intend to release a Companion Rulebook, which will include all variants and optional rules like teammates, alternative weather rules, simplified ways of playing etc.

Most of the playtesting effort of the last two years was put into streamlining some aspects of the game without altering its depth and strategic intensity. Areas which have been improved are:

Checks - all checks are now made against the target check card on the dashboard, so the process is the same for every checks made in the race and this has greatly simplified the rules. It also means that attempting a late brake manoeuvre will now have a variable level of difficulty with the specific point of the track only indicating a modifier to your check. This triggers more interesting decisions to make in relation to how you manage your target check value.

Strategies and Skills - we have reviewed strategies and skills to ensure these are all well balanced and to eliminate some fiddles rules and exceptions. Hazard in particular has been demoted providing maximum one track card per turn.

Yellow flags - we have changed the way how yellow flags operate as, currently, trailing players are affected more than cars in in the lead when a yellow flag is played.

Extreme Trajectories - we have done a lot of work here to simplify how ETs are handled and to make them more attractive. One problem with the original ET rules is that failing the initial blind check means losing an entire game turn. Late Braking never suffered of this issue as these are done at the end of a player turn.

Safety car - we have rivisited the SC procedure and now cars are positioned behind the Leader according to their current race standing (therefore lapped cars will be placed behind everybody else). At the race restart there is now more tension, and better chances of catching up with the Leader who has the free track advantage.

The 2nd edition will include all tracks released so far (6 tracks in total) and relative track cards.
Some of the rules changes described above have forced us to make changes to the tracks. Also, older tracks like Monza and the Hungaroring have been revamped to include aspects of the game that were introduced in the subsequent expansions like Extreme and Sharp trajectories.

We are looking to upgrading the quality of the components in this 2nd edition of the game. Areas we are looking at are:
- a larger and better designed car chart
- higher quality play cards
- improved strategy and skill chits
- 3D flags
- better miniatures and in particular, a proper safety car

We are considering some juicy add-ons to the KS campaign like bonus cards as well as additional strategies and tracks should we reach a higher funding threshold.
We are open to your ideas. If you want to suggest a possible stretch goal, send your suggestions to [email protected]

I want to express my sincere thanks to all fellow gamers that bought the original RF90 game. Without your enthusiasm and support (and financial backing) we would not be here talking about a second edition.
Also, during these five years, I have been in touch with many of you who enquired about the game, sent suggestions or just shared their videos, photos and design ideas. I came across terrific people who offered their help in designing new expansions, improving the game system and translating the rules in different languages. Some of this people like Giuseppe Rossini, Stan and Carl Hilinski, Darrell Hanning and Ryan Freels I have never met in person; still I feel like I have been known them forever and I have shared with them hours and hours of fun and enjoyment in playtesting and discussing improvements to the rules.

You can be reassured therefore that owners of the 1st edition will not be left behind. I will look into the most sensible commercial and practical way of offering an upgrade kit to those who do not want to purchase the new edition.

Yurick47 написал 2 года назад: # скрыть ответы

Подскажите, где можно купить игру?

Legion написал 2 года назад: #

На сайте издателя посмотрите

Legion написал 4 года назад: # скрыть ответы

Круто или нет?

Juggler написал 4 года назад: # скрыть ответы

Добавил к игре видео. Мне игра приглянулась.

Legion написал 3 года назад: #

Поиграл. Действительно круто. Играли на 5х, все в первый раз. Монца, по начальным правилам. Игра заняла 4,5 часа с чтением правил, объяснениями, выяснениями нюансов и самой полной гонкой. Даунтайм лично мной не ощущался, т.к. присутствовал накал борьбы и интересно было следить, что и где происходит. Правда необходимо в голове держать кучу ньюансов, но как-то меня это не особо напрягало.