Lifeboat: Weather Deck. Help!

22 января 2010

oranged написал 8 лет назад: # скрыть ответы

Неужели немцев совсем нет? (:

korzhik написал 8 лет назад: #

Спасибо ребятам с бгг :) попросил одного товарища, у которого была указана эта колода в коллекции, прислал :)

There are 10 cards in the deck:

Clear Skies: There is no weather effect this round. Reshuffle the weather discards back into the weather deck.

Dead Calm: There is no navigation phase this turn.

Foggy: Ignore any birds that appear this turn.

Hot: All characters suffer an additional thirst this turn.

Muggy: It requires 2 water this turn to quench each thirst.

Rain: Ignore all thirst this turn.

Rough Seas: If the boxer symbol appears, characters that fought go overboard this turn instead of being thirsty for fighting.

Stormy: If the oars symbol appears, characters that rowed go overboard this turn instead of being thirsty for rowing.

Sunday: There is an extra quartermaster phase right now. Amen.

Windy: Resolve the top navigation card off the navigation deck immediately before and in addition to the regular navigation phase.