Codename Iron Scorpion Two Player Battle Box


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Codename Iron Scorpion Two Player Battle Box  


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ovenant of Antarctica
6 Covenant of Antarctica Commandos
10 Covenant of Antarctica Automata Robots
1 Covenant of Antarctica Monique Dubois Scientist
1 Covenant of Antarctica Officer
3 Covenant of Antarctica Drone Skimmers
1 Covenant of Antarctica Drone Controller
Republique of France
6 Republique of France Armoured Marines
8 Republique of France Legionnaires
1 Republique of France Legion HMG team (2 miniatures & gun)
1 Republique of France Veronique Dubois Medic
1 Republique of France Officer
Also included
1 large, multi-part HDF ruined building complex
132-Page Core Rulebook
52-Page Campaign Guide that allows players to reinact the tense struggle between the forces in the box
15 Dice
Blast & Smoke Templates
2 Battle Log Sliders
1 sheet of Game Tokens
Battlefield Objectives
2 Tactical Action Card Decks

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Описание игры


Set in North Africa at the beginning stages of the world war, a secret Covenant of Antarctica mission to field test its new Automata fighting robot design is interrupted by Republique of France elite forces, with their own mission to capture the robots and any key scientific and engineering personnel.

This epic encounter sees these two great nations lock horns in the hot desert sands, with the storylines of two sisters tightly woven into it. Codename Iron Scorpion is designed to be a self-contained game that packs a box full of fabulous models with tons of excitement. It is a perfect spring board for players wishing to immerse themselves in the exciting world of Dystopian Legions skirmish level wargaming.

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