игра Tunisia

The game simulates the beginning of the Tunisian campaign November 1942 till the surrender of all Axis forces in Africa, May 1943.

игра Guderian's Blitzkrieg II

GBII: Army Group Center during the swing period of WW2 in the East. This game covers the action from its popular predecessor Guderian's Blitzkrieg (1992), which led the way in Operational Combat System, and adds all the action from Lake Ilmen south to Voronezh from Oct. 41 and the last drives of Barbarossa until the Spring of 1943 and the preparations for Kursk.

Not only does this game cover all the action in Army Group Center, it does this during the critical period of the war while the Russians are perfecting their operational craft.

Additionally, players can try for Moscow in 1942 instead of going south to Stalingrad! They can do this either by a full-scale offensive or by using the actual German deception plan as in the real orders for 1942's Summer Campaign.

Multiple scenarios allow players to explore this widely overlooked portion of the Eastern Front, to include Operation Mars.