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Eclipse: Rockets of Celebration


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Eclipse: Rockets of Celebration  


графический дизайнер: Тоуко Тахкокаллио
Sampo Sikiö
художник: Sampo Sikiö
язык: Языконезависимая



12 Rocket of Celebration tiles (6 different)

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Описание игры


Rockets of Celebration

The Anniversary of the founding of the Galactic Council and the related Adjusting of the Galactic Date is commonly celebrated throughout the Galaxy. While the specific traditions vary between the species, it is a widespread practice to fire rare explosive devices into the night sky and admire their colors and sounds. Occasionally these devices may have other, more sinister uses...

Player materials:
12 Rocket of Celebration tiles (6 different)

The Rockets are powerful single-use Missiles that can be purchased at a certain stage of the game and used in Combat.

Shuffle the Rocket tiles and randomly select the tiles used in this game. The amount of tiles used depends on the amount of players (see the table below). Place the tiles face up next to the Supply.

Roll a die. The result determines on which round (1–6) the special Rocket Phase takes place. Place the Rocket Phase Marker next to the Round Track, pointing to the round determined by the roll.

Rocket Tiles:
2 players: 4 tiles
3 players: 5 tiles
4 players: 6 tiles
5 players: 7 tiles
6 players: 8 tiles
7 players: 9 tiles
8 players: 10 tiles
9 players: 11 tiles

Rocket Phase:
The Rocket Phase takes place after the Upkeep Phase of the round determined by the die roll. Beginning from the starting player and moving clockwise, you can either buy one Rocket tile or pass. 

If you buy a Rocket, pay its Money Cost (for example, the Rocket below costs 2 Money), take the tile and place it face up next to your Player Board. If you pass, you are out of the Rocket Phase. The Rocket Phase continues until all players have passed, so it is possible to buy several Rockets.

When all players have passed, the unsold Rockets and the Rocket Phase Marker are removed from the game. The Rocket Phase ends.

Using the Rockets:
The Rockets can be used in the beginning of the battle, when the Missiles are fired. The Rockets have their own Initiative and Computers, they roll multiple dice and are completely independent of the owner’s Ships. You need to have a Ship in the battle to use a Rocket.

A Rocket can be used when it is its turn in Initiative (for example, the Rocket above has an Initiative of 3). If you decide to use a Rocket, roll the dice (yellow, orange and/or red) shown on the tile (for example, the Rocket above would roll two yellow and two red dice), add the Computer value shown on the tile on each roll and assign the dice. The dice can be assigned to different targets. Discard the tile. Distortion Shield and Point Defense can be used against the Rockets.

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