Dungeon Twister: Fire and Water


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Описание тайла P2:

In Water & Fire English expansion, but a goodies for the French expansion!

Lava Channels
(Room P2, Terrain, Goodies 2005-2006)

The Lava Channels are obstacles no matter the state of the Lava Evacuators.
The Lava Channel squares do not block line of sight (no matter the state of the Lava Evacuators).
When the Lava Evacuators are inactive, the Lava Channels are empty and are considered normal floor squares with regards to movement.
When the Lava Evacuators are active, the Lava Channels are filled with lava and treated as normal lava squares.
If an object or character (except the Fire Elemental) is on the Lava Channels with the Lava Evacuators are activated, the object is destroyed and the character is killed.
Lava Evacuator
(Room P2, Terrain, Goodies 2005-2006)

The Lava Evacuators is always considered to be lava squares.
The Lava Evacuator is an obstacle. It can only be crossed with aid -- a rope or jump.
A character cannot enter a square of a Lava Evacuator. If he enters the square for any reason, he dies immediately.
The Fire Elemental can enter the Lava Evacuator squares, but cannot carry an object or wounded character there.
When at least one "5 AP" Action card is visible on top of any player's discard pile (last card played, except recycling) the Lava Evacuators are active. When active, the Lava Evacuators fill the Lava Channels with lava.
Reminder: Recycling of the action cards is done at the end of the players' turn and not the beginning of the following turn for this same player (see the Basic Rules of the game -- page 11, 2nd paragraph "Phase 3: recycling Action cards").