Kingdom Death: Monster. Flower Knight Expansion


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Flower Knight - So. It turns out that we're actually getting three variant campaign expansions. Flower Knight's variant is significantly less developed than the other two campaign expansions, but its still pretty different. You basically set up shop in a lantern hoard near a flower knight and decide to worship it as a god, which gives you a few bonuses and special abilities while balancing itself out by providing you with a couple penalties and forbidding you from hunting the Flower Knight (turns out its a quarry and not a nemesis). Seems like it could be fun, but don't expect it to be at the same level as Sunstalker or Dragon King. It doesn't provide a new boss (you still have to use the watcher), for instance.

As to special abilities: You get perishable resource cards. (They basically get archived if you don't use them within a certain time limit.) You also get a lot of addiction and disease themed abilities, events, and items. The Flower Knight's got kind of a sad story, honestly, as, from what I've read of the rulebook, it really feels like its the survivors who are the villains in the encounter with it rather than the other way around. Talking about theme/story, the Flower Knight also shares a special forest themed hunt event card with Spidicules, which creates this pretty neat feeling of actually delving into a specific biome that both of the monsters share.