Kingdom Death: Monster. Gorm Expansion


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Kingdom Death: Monster. Gorm Expansion  


художник: Bagus Hutomo
издатель: Kingdom Death
язык: Английский



Gorm sprues (includes survivor gear, Pinup Regeneration Suit, and the Gorm Monster)
55x Gear cards
26x Gorm AI cards
20x Gorm HL cards
21x Gorm Resources cards
4x Strange Resource cards
7x Gorm Hunt Event cards
2x Disorder cards
2x Fighting Art cards
1x Secret Fighting Art card
1x Armor Set Bonus card
4x Innovation cards
1x Settlement Event card
2x Gorm Settlement Locations
2x Gorm card dividers

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Aldaarnen написал 3 года назад: #
Взято с BBG

Есть сполеры!!!
Gorm - Unless I missed something, it seems like the Gorm can't actually be fought in the very first showdown of the game. You're still going to have to battle that prologue lion. It is available starting the first lantern year, however. Similar to Spidicules, Gorm seems to largely be about theme over major mechanical changes. It adds a couple new settlement locations and a slew of gear, much like most of the other major expansions, and an absolute ton of awesome events, but doesn't add many huge changes to actual gameplay. The major change I've seen is the inclusion of an item that covers two different parts of the body rather than one. I do really like its armor set, though. Defensive oriented in a way the eschews armor for maneuverability and synergy with shields.