Kingdom Death: Monster. Lion God Expansion


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Lion God - It turns out the Lion God is a quarry monster, too. Its recommended to be introduced to a campaign in Lantern Year 13, which is almost twice as many lantern years into a campaign as the event for meeting the Phoenix. The Lion God's a late game quarry. Its theme is rather dark and most of its mechanics seem to center around survivors internalizing the traits of monsters like the Butcher or the Bone Witch and the entire process of hunting it seems pretty brutal. I could really see an accept darkness Dragon King campaign working amazingly with this guy from a thematic/mechanical perspective. Dragon King's all about survivors becoming individual power houses at home in the darkness, and the Lion God seems to take that concept up to 11. The main mechanical introduction from the Lion God is a fighting art that transfers from survivor to survivor but can only ever be known by one survivor. The fighting art creates a specialized injury roll table that a survivor rolls on rather than the one in the core book, which seems pretty unique and interesting to me. I've got to say that, despite its (relatively) smaller size compared to things like Spidicules and Gorm, this expansion still manages to offer a lot of substantial changes to the way the game operates.