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Kingdom Death: Monster. Lonely Tree Expansion


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Kingdom Death: Monster. Lonely Tree Expansion  


язык: Английский



Lonely Tree Sprues
25x Lonely Tree AI cards
23x Lonely Tree HL cards
1x Lonely Tree Hunt Event card
5x Strange Resource cards
1x Terrain card
1x Lonely Tree card divider

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Aldaarnen написал 5 лет назад: #
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Есть сполеры!!!
Lonely Tree - This one's a lot larger than the Green Knight Armor mini expansion, with its own rulebook and the whole nine yards, but it IS quite different from the other expansions so I feel it fits here. Essentially, rather than hunting the Lonely Tree as a quarry or facing it as a traditional nemesis that follows a timeline, you can randomly run into it as a hunt event while out looking for other monsters.This is a pretty neat intro mechanic, in my opinion, and I think, as long as its not oddly priced, the Lonely Tree's value just for the opportunity to expand the ways in which you encounter monsters. As promised in the Kickstarter updates, the Lonely Tree can also upgrade other monsters. Rather than just upgrading the Lion and Phoenix, however, it seems that the Lonely Tree's upgrades can impact pretty much any monster. This means the Lonely Tree expansion's also liable to function well as a supplement to pretty much all the other expansions.In terms of major changes to the way settlements function or really cool/must have gear, I'm a little less impressed, from my initial look, so if those are things you're looking for then you're liable to be a bit disappointed. This is an expansion for the hunt and showdown phases more than the settlement phases, and there seems to be more for the monsters than the survivors.