Kingdom Death: Monster. Manhunter Expansion


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Kingdom Death: Monster. Manhunter Expansion  


язык: Английский



Manhunter sprues (includes survivor gear and the Manhunter Monster)
5x Rare Gear cards
25x Manhunter AI cards
28x Manhunter HL cards
5x Strange Resource cards
4x Fighting Art cards
1x Secret Fighting Art card
3x Innovation cards
2x Manhunter card dividers

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Aldaarnen написал 3 года назад: #
Взято с BBG

Есть сполеры!!!
Manhunter - Manhunter's, uh... you know when I mentioned other nemesis monsters having special encounters but being more than brutal enough to make facing them still a worrying proposition? Yeah. Manhunter. Manhunter for days. The gear I've taken a look at from the expansion is pretty sweet, but if you decide to take the Manhunter on you better never lose a battle against him. Imagine combining the Plague event with Armored Strangers. That's basically the Manhunter. He'll be back, again and again, and if you don't beat him as he gets progressively stronger and stronger he's going to hunt down, enslave, and murder all of your best dudes again, and again, and again.

That's not to say he doesn't look awesome. He looks totally awesome. He's just looking, to me, like something you'd put into a campaign if you really wanted to enhance difficulty. It's great to have that option, but be ready for it.

Manhunter's also pretty grimdark. He adds Masochism and Sadism to the game, for instance, and, thematically, slavery. He'd fit in great with that Accept Darkness/Dragon King/Lion God combo, but I have trouble imagining him in the same campaign as the Lion Knight.