Kingdom Death: Monster. Spidicules Expansion


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Kingdom Death: Monster. Spidicules Expansion  


издатель: Kingdom Death
язык: Английский



Gear Cards: 34
AI Cards: 30
HL Cards: 20
Resource Cards: 14
Strange Resource Cards: 7
Hunt Event Cards: 9
Terrain Cards: 2
Terrain Tiles: 7
Disorder Cards: 3
Fighting Art Cards: 2
Secret Fighting Art Card: 2
Armor Set Bonus Card: 1
Innovation Cards: 3
Settlement Event Cards: 2
Settlement Location Card: 1
Card Dividers: 2

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Sylvan написал 4 года назад: #

Интересный доп. Количество основных ингредиентов (паутина) напрямую зависит от уровня монстра. Шмот хороший, но собирается сложно - необходимо ингредиенты с разных монстров комбинировать. Механика похищений заставляет помнить о пауках). Впервые в этой игре альтернативный вариант победы реализован (Хенд не в счет - там просто выстоять надо). Ну и конечно шанс найти нового поселенца - это гуд.

Ogro написал 5 лет назад: # скрыть ответы

Да когда же кончатся эти спойлеры??

Aldaarnen написал 5 лет назад: #

Тут любой обзор по игромеханике может быть воспринят как сполер. Т.к. часто описываются особенности дополнения и монстра, которые приятнее постигать партией в процессе игры.

Aldaarnen написал 5 лет назад: #
Взято с BBG

Есть сполеры!!!
Spidicules - Speaking of Spidicules. This spider's got a rather expansive expansion. I wouldn't say he/she adds a lot of new mechanics to the game, but his/her (its? Q's?) rulebook is packed full of thematic events and interesting abilities that play around with the theme of the monster. I'd say Spidicules feels more like a particularly fleshed out huntable monster rather than a game changing expansion that really alters the way you'll play the game. The Phoenix gets one event, for instance, whereas Spidicules seems to get around five.

The biggest mechanical things I'd say the expansion adds are a hunt event that changes the "overwhelming darkness" hunt event on the hunt track board (this is the card that it shares with the Flower Knight), spiderling mini monsters (they're in the box! don't worry!), which can show up in fights with non-spidicules monsters as egg terrain which can hatch over the course of a battle, and a fighting art that can "level up" over the course of a campaign, becoming more and more powerful assuming you can keep a survivor around long enough.

A final thing that might be important to folks: the expansion rulebook recommends replacing the Endless Screams hunt event with the hunt event that lets you meet Spidicules if you want to include Spidicules in a new campaign. That means Spidicules seems to actually be closer to the Gorm and the Screaming Antelope in terms of power level and time in the campaign you'd be hunting him. If you want a later monster, one of the other beasties is probably going to be a better pick.