Kingdom Death: Monster. Slenderman Expansion


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Slenderman - Slenderman includes a few minor mechanical changes to the game. It includes an innovation that can be leveled up multiple times over the course of the game, for instance, which is pretty neat. Its theme also seems like it'll play really well on the table. Slenderman is all about isolating survivors and messing with them when they're alone. It can disappear off the board in the middle of a fight and keep attacking while not immediately reappearing, for instance, and its events largely center around only specific members of a settlement realizing that its chilling out around the fire and the like. Very slendermanlike.

A thing to keep in mind is that the expansion rulebook recommends that slenderman's introduction event replace the Armored Strangers event. Now this is awesome, because Armored strangers goes a long way to define how core game campaigns play out (its one of the first things repeat players learn to start planning for). Changing that event changes the way the whole campaign can develop. On the other hand, Slenderman might not play nicely with the two major campaign variant expansions, neither of which include that event. You can probably still slot it in, but you'll probably end up changing the intended feel of the campaigns and you'll also significantly increase difficulty. If you're looking for an expansion that changes the core game experience, I think Slenderman's one of the better small ones for that. If you're looking for an expansion that you can plug and play with all of your other expansions, you might want to look elsewhere.