Kingdom Death: Monster. Sunstalker Expansion


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Sunstalker - The Sunstalker expansion has a number of fascinating new mechanics, most of which seem to be focused inside the "People of the Sun" campaign variant that it contains. I especially like the idea of Prismatic survivors, who can match squares on gear regardless of color (a red/green square, for instance, just counts as a full red, green, and blue square for the purposes of completing affinities). One of the weapons in the expansion counts as both a ranged AND melee weapon, with different rules depending on how it's used, which is cool. Katana specialization is made available in the Sunstalker expansion, but, unlike other specializations, it seems you can't just earn specialization in Katanas right off the bat. You can only gain it through an event that is made available in the People of the Sun campaign. I found this to be a bit of a bummer, to be honest, though its certainly going to make a people of the sun campaign unique.

Another thing that makes the People of the Sun Campaign unique is the fact that it locks you into taking survival of the fittest. That is, you can't choose protect the young at all. A People of the Sun settlement is going to be rolling two dice and taking the lowest whether they want to or not. In return, however, they get a significantly friendlier intimacy table with greater access to bonuses to rolls and less chance of deaths (only double 1 and 123 result in a net population loss). I'd say, if you wanted to try out Survival of the Fittest without tweaking how it works then this would be the campaign to do it in. The People of the Sun Campaign variant might also be the best variant before the arrival of the Lantern Festival to try out resource intensive builds. It seems to have far fewer nemesis encounters than the core game or Dragon King campaigns.

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