Kingdom Death: Monster. Lion Knight Expansion


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Lion Knight - Lion Knight just gets added to year 6 of a campaign, rather than replacing an event, which means the big, adorable, cheesy git's likely to have been balanced to fit into variant campaigns better than slendie. He's also one of the three knights (Dung Beetle and Flower being the two others) required to construct Green Knight armor. His rulebook is pretty darned hillarious. I'd say that, if you want your Kingdom Death campaign to be grimdark all the time, you're liable to be disappointed. If you like the idea of a bit of levity once in a while, though, Lion Knight's awesome. I audibly chuckled reading through the way he melodramatically orders a settlement about. The main mechanic that the Lion Knight seems to introduce is an update to special showdowns and heavy reliance on that particular mechanic. Fighting the Lion Knight never seems to take a Lantern Year, which means you're not concerned about opportunity cost fighting him over other monsters. One or two of the other nemesis monsters also rely on special showdowns over regular nemesis encounters, but they tend to be a bit more brutal if you fail to defeat them, making it much less appealing to encounter them in a campaign. The Lion Knight ends up feeling like something you can reasonably enjoy slotting into every campaign, as long as you like his theme.