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The Green Board Game Co., 1991


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THE GREEN BOARD GAME COMPANY (who own BrainBox) was set up in 1991 to invent games for people to play and learn together.

Why ‘Green’ you may be asking? All those years ago we recognised the importance of the environment we live in. It wasn’t as fashionable back in 1991, however, we have always used as high a content of recycled / recyclable material as possible. We strive to source ethically and are members of Sedex (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange).

We produce the majority of our games in the UK. We also produce games in China, Poland and Spain. In Spain we work with a charity that has a manufacturing facility integrating employees with Down Syndrome into the workplace.

We happily accept official purchase orders from schools, colleges and government bodies. We have 100s of products in stock all year round. We already supply many schools and government bodies so order from us today, you’ll be in good company!


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