Machi Koro: Legacy


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Machi Koro: Legacy  



художник: Noboru Hotta
издатель: Pandasaurus Games



Рейтинг BoardGameGeek Средняя оценка Рейтинг «Тесеры»
- 7.124 -









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IngeneerVulgaris написал полтора месяца назад: #

Скоро будет локализация, нужно больше отзывов, чтоб понять брать ли

ask написал 2 месяца назад: #
Может кто-то из игравших сможет прояснить?

Если почитать на BGG часть отзывов до 5 балов включительно, то можно выделить основные недостатки:
1) легаси не добавляет ничего нового (существенного) в игровой процесс;
2) есть одна беспроигрышная стратегия игры;
3) дисбаланс карт при игре в 2-м и 4-м (количество карт не меняется от числа игроков);
4) базовая игра (+дополнение) лучше легаси.

Хотелось бы узнать об игре побольше, до ее запуска на CrowdRepublic. Мало легаси игр, поэтому на эту игру есть определенная надежда, но отзывы на BGG расстроили.

Есть поигравшие в эту игру? Большая просьба поделиться опытом и впечатлениями.

Пример отзывов на BGG:
1 балл: "Got it, played it(six plays of the Legacy ten). Then took it out back and burned it. Seemed fitting. The game to game tweaks were meaningless and no one in the group could stomach more plays just to witness what paltry additions would come next."
2 балла: "One strategy is dictated to pursue if you want to win a game. If you don't follow it, you have zero chance of winning. The game has no balancing for a lower player count, i.e. there is the same supply of cards in a 2, 3 and 4-player game. So the fewer players, the more you have to, have to, have to follow that one strategy. ... For the first 3 games, it was fun and interesting to see what would be unlocked, but by game 5 you realise the new mechanisms are novelties, and that they are more annoying and bothersome to setup, make upkeep on etc. They offer zero to minute influence on gameplay. What they should have done, was to wipe the entire market after 3 games, then introduce a whole new set that makes it fun to find a viable strategy again. Removing or adding just one type of cards between plays makes no noticeable impact. ..."
3 балла: "... In addition, the game doesn't have really anything different then the base game. You are much better off just buying the base copy of this game for much cheaper. ..."
5 баллов: "Played 2-player. Each game just seemed to add a few more fiddly components that didn't really add much to the game, but just made setup take longer. ... But the biggest problem was the one dominant strategy (spoiler)... With the campaign finished, I don't think we will play this again when we could just play regular Machi Koro with Harbor expansion, but also using "Big City, Bright Lights" rules where the supply is randomized."
5 баллов: "After 10 games - it felt a lot like non-legacy Machi Koro, but with more of a single over-powering strategy (get production cards get the mulitplier cards, and hope the dice land favourably). ..."
5 баллов: "The big problem with this game is that there is a single strategy that is better than the alternatives ... (spoler) ... I wish the game had bigger changes between rounds. ..."
5 баллов: "Unfortunately, the game has one issue which can really ruin the experience. There is a huge difference between how strong the "anyone turn" cards are in 2, 3 or 4 player games. We played with 4 where this type is twice as strong as in 2 pl. Each of our games it was only about who will grab most of these first, then wait 15 min to see that this player is victorious. Repeat. Get frustrated, Abandon the game in the middle of the campaign. So probably the game is much better with 2 players. On top of that legacy features offer no catch up mechanisms, just random blockers of some types of cards and random additional money."

GreySwan написал 5 месяцев назад: # скрыть ответы

Удивительно - игра еще не вышла, а уже 2 оценки. Причем не самых лучших.

Artemas написал 5 месяцев назад: #

Берут пример с BGG, где сейчас повальная мода: ставить оценки не вышедшим играм.

GuNNeR написал 5 месяцев назад: # скрыть ответы

2 пользователя, поставивших оценки, могут иметь отношение к Hobby World или к тестированию игры (Rainbird и alt).

oranged написал 5 месяцев назад: #

Первый из них — редактор HW, а второй — весьма опытный настольщик, который в прошлом вёл «Блог жёлтого мипла». Возможно, гостил у HW в офисе и играл в прототип.